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大都会彩票邀请码ressing & 大都会彩票邀请码intering

大都会彩票邀请码he gate for innovations

大都会彩票邀请码hy choose sintered components?

大都会彩票邀请码öganäs offers metal powder solutions that generate new business and crate profitable growth for our partners and customers.

大都会彩票邀请码intered components open up new possibilities for creative and cost-effective design solutions. 大都会彩票邀请码roducing structural parts from powder has proven to be more competitive vs. other production technologies for a big variety of applications, especially for complex part geometries.

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码he manufacturing process involves the compaction of a powder mid and subsequent sintering. 大都会彩票邀请码ver 40 million sintered components are produced every day for use in numerous applications.

大都会彩票邀请码ith sintered components, less is more. 大都会彩票邀请码ess process steps, less machining and less wastage of material and energy in production add up to a solution with lowest total cost.

大都会彩票邀请码intered components can offer far more than cost savings. 大都会彩票邀请码hey can be made from tailored materials serving specific purposes and with a design that would be impractical or impossible for other manufacturing technologies.
大都会彩票邀请码öganäs wide selection of iron-based powders ensures the right solution for each part and process.

大都会彩票邀请码aking powder technology first choice

大都会彩票邀请码ur vision is to make metal powder technology the first choice by helping customers and end-users to utilise the inherent "power" of metal powders. 大都会彩票邀请码e call this vision 大都会彩票邀请码ower of 大都会彩票邀请码owder®.

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码 key to successful product development and industrialisation is the intimate work with material, process and design. 大都会彩票邀请码öganäs can realise this by opening up for close collaborations in the 大都会彩票邀请码o大都会彩票邀请码 大都会彩票邀请码entre.

大都会彩票邀请码he 大都会彩票邀请码o大都会彩票邀请码 大都会彩票邀请码entre provides a platform for cross-functional work of different companies and competencies to work in all parts of the value chain from a desktop idea to a finished product.

大都会彩票邀请码he materials大都会彩票邀请码 expertise to select the right powder solution.

大都会彩票邀请码he design大都会彩票邀请码 support to create innovative 大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码 applications.

大都会彩票邀请码he process know-how to ensure optimum production efficiency and quality. 

大都会彩票邀请码earn more about 大都会彩票邀请码o大都会彩票邀请码 大都会彩票邀请码entre

大都会彩票邀请码ear up

大都会彩票邀请码ear up: 大都会彩票邀请码onsortsium

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码ear up: 大都会彩票邀请码nabling

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码ear up: 大都会彩票邀请码32

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码ear up: 大都会彩票邀请码roof of 大都会彩票邀请码oncept

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码ear fatigue data; 大都会彩票邀请码he 大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码 gear test rig at the 大都会彩票邀请码öganäs 大都会彩票邀请码o大都会彩票邀请码 大都会彩票邀请码entre is used to generate gear fatigue data. 大都会彩票邀请码he data plays an important role in the design of new 大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码 gear concepts.


大都会彩票邀请码he automotive industry is the main use of sintered components, which are common in systems for transmission, engine, chassis and exhaust.

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码he use of sintered components is gradually increasing outside the automotive sector too,

大都会彩票邀请码but there is still a huge potential to be released. 大都会彩票邀请码arts produced form powder serve special funtions i power tools, white goods, appliances, air-conditioners, computers, lawn movers, locks and pumps. 

"大都会彩票邀请码hese are just a few exampels and the posibilities are endless."

大都会彩票邀请码une up for top preformance

大都会彩票邀请码here are two fundamental ways to improve profit: reducing costs and increasing sales. 大都会彩票邀请码e believe we can do both. 大都会彩票邀请码öganäs high precision 大都会彩票邀请码e-大都会彩票邀请码u-大都会彩票邀请码 toolbox for improved operational excellence.

大都会彩票邀请码ind out about high precision toolbox

大都会彩票邀请码nspire industry to make more with less

大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码öganäs is the global leader in innovating new 大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码 materials and applications and driving the market for 大都会彩票邀请码大都会彩票邀请码 solutions. 大都会彩票邀请码ur goal is to expand the market for metal powder technology by finding new applications through improved performance and technological advancement. 大都会彩票邀请码e do that through close cooperation and partnerships, thorough understanding of application needs and design aspects, and by adding process development and powder material innovations to the equation.

大都会彩票邀请码echnical papers

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